Black Country, New Road’s Isacc Wood Leaves Band & Cancels Tour

A message posted to Black Country, New Road’s Twitter feed by singer/guitarist Isaac Wood says he is stepping away from the band, and the group announced it has canceled all upcoming shows, which includes its planned U.S. tour that was set to kick off at the DC9 Nightclub in Washington D.C. on February 18.

Black Country, New Road also postponed a tour of Ireland and the U.S. in late 2021 due to “ongoing illness within the band,” NME reported last November.

The news comes just before the band’s Feb. 4 release of its sophomore effort, Ants Up From There

“Hello everyone,” Wood wrote. “I have bad news, which is that I have been feeling sad and afraid, too. And I have tried to make this not true but it is the kind of sad and afraid feeling that makes it hard to play guitar and sing at the same time. Together we have been writing songs and then performing them, which at times has been an incredible doing, but more now everything happens that I am feeling not so great and it means from now on I won’t be a member of the group anymore.”

The remaining members of Black Country, New Road added to the Twitter message, apologizing for letting down their fans and suggesting Wood’s decision was made some time ago.

“We know … many of you have been looking forward to seeing us live for a long time and would like to thank you for being so patient with cancellations up until now,” the post says. “We’re sorry to let you down and that we won’t be able to perform our new album for you – we are immensely proud of it and hope that you enjoy ‘Ants Up From There’ nonetheless. Although Isaac won’t be part of the group any longer, the rest of us will be continuing to make music together as Black Country, New Road. In fact, we’ve already started working on it.”

Black Country, New Road released their six-song debut album, For the First Time, which was nominated for the U.K.’s Mercury Prize, awarded annually to the best album released by a British Band, on Feb. 5, 2021, nearly a year to the day from their planned Feb. 4 release of Ants Up From There.

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