VIDEO PREMIERE: The Wooks Display Serious Bluegrass Chops on “Mudfish Momma”

Photo credit: Carrie Wilson (CMW Photography)

Inspired by the traditional as well as the unconventional, The Wooks have established a distinctive sound through original songwriting, exceptional musicianship, and outside influences ranging from jam bands to Southern rock. While their origin stories are diverse, all four members of The Wooks have forged a common bond that honors individuality and innovation. But with minimal shows to road-test the material on their new album Flyin’ High, due out February 25th, Dobro player Allen Cooke speaks for the band when he says he’s eager for fans to discover these new songs—on the album as well as the stage. “This band is definitely not a band that is set on keeping things to the way they sounded on the record,” he says. “We’re all about keeping these songs fresh and new-sounding as shows go on.

Digging deeper into the studio experience of this album, fans will be interested to know that the Lexington, KY-based band was chasing a sound “like Bela Fleck’s Drive album or Tony Rice’s work at Arch Studios with Bill Wolf. That live feeling. So much of bluegrass these days is almost autotuned and fixed to the point of perfection. We were trying to run away from that quickly as possible,” says Cain. A full circle moment a few months later: Cain cold-called Bill Wolf to see if he would master the album. Wolf wrote back, asking to hear it—and then elevated Flyin’ High to the next level. “For a guy who’s done iconic albums all his life, he put a ton of work into this,” Cain says. “Bill told me to listen to it to see if I was satisfied with it, and I was like, ‘Man, what am I supposed to listen for?’ And he said, ‘Is it fun to listen to?’ I think he accomplished that.”

Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the video for “Mudfish Momma,” a clear standout on the new album. Though their name may bring to mind the sloppier side of the jam band and bluegrass scene, these cats are serious about laying down serious bluegrass chops. Balancing tight musicianship with a laid back vocals and harmonies, the group is one of the sharpest acts on the scene today. With a few well-chosen solos and catchy lyrics, one can’t help but think of how great the band must be live. During a time when artists like Billy Strings are breathing fresh life into bluegrass music and attracting some of the biggest crowds the genre has ever seen, “Mudfish Momma” is the kind of song that signals these Wooks are ready for their own big moment.

Lead singer/guitarist CJ Cain describes the inspiration and process behind the tune:

“I am very proud to have written a song with one of my biggest influences growing up, Ray Smith. This tune is inspired by one of my favorite fishing holes down in Florida. Oftentimes a mudfish will take your bait and cut your line leaving you wondering if that was the one that got away. Ray had the making the “mudfish momma” a mythical creature, like the swamps version of a mermaid. It made for the perfect opportunity for southern rock to meet bluegrass.”


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