LISTEN: Lou Roy Give Las Vegas Some Cultural Swagger On “Uppercut”

Co-produced alongside Sarah Tudzin of Illuminati Hotties, Lou Roy’s debut full-length, Pure Chaos will arrive April 29th via UK indie label Balloon Machine. Pure Chaos is Lou’s take on our futile yet unavoidable attempt to give meaning to the chaos of life. Emblematic of the Los Angeles’ artists ‘all-in’ personality, it is a vibrant collection that shines with humor, invention, and a powerful swagger.

Check out the craft and sonically expressive new single, “Uppercut” (below) from Lou Roy. There is a emotional explosive charm that rides this alt-pop current that jives with the edgy narratives of Phoebe Bridgers and the musical boldness of Mitski.

This commitment to seeking out joy, which not only informs “Uppercut” but every aspect of Pure Chaos, in no small part comes from Lou’s admiration for the frenetic energy of Las Vegas.

Speaking about it on MUNA’s Gayotic podcast, she said: “Las Vegas is the funniest, sweetest thing we could have done as humans. I acknowledge that it’s fucked up but it started with us being in the middle of the desert and asking, ‘What do we like? Games, nudity, lights and money’ and making a playground out of that. It’s hedonism at its finest and while it may have failed spectacularly, the initial endeavour was fucking awesome.”

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