Dante Matas Flexes His Snappy Keyboard Pop On “Angry” ‘Catching Up With You”

Dante Matas is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto. Matas began by writing music at a young age, forming his first band at Etobicoke School of the Arts where he majored in visual art. In university, Matas studied philosophy and completed an MA in the field. Today, Matas combines his wide-ranging interests to make his own unique brand of new wave bedroom pop, psychedelic folk, and lo-fi electronic music.

On Matas’ snappy new indie-pop single, “Catching Up With You” we get jovial sing-along harmonies despite it being a crooked love song. Matas vocalizes with a poetic and melodic push, that recalls Ben Folds at his most endearing, yet we still listen for the grand finale.

“Catching Up With You” is probably the angriest song I’ve ever written. I was thinking of the kind of person that gets away with mistreating and harming others just because of wealth or underserved status. Specifically, it’s about the kind of person who would knowingly do this and still not care. The song came about in the midst of the pandemic while the Black Lives Matter protests were going on and I was feeling a lot of anger towards the people who were undermining and even fighting against the protests.”

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