Beck Pete Displays Undeniable Charm On Anthemic “Softie”

Both lyrically and sonically, Beck Pete exists at the intersection of where softness and grit meet. Beck swings both ways and finds home in the extremes of most aspects of life and music, and wouldn’t have it any other way. She is masculine, and she is feminine. She is sexy, and she is pure. She is satin, and she is leather. She is hers, and she is yours.

Beck oozes a sense of self and undeniable charm on the new single, “Softie.” Armed with a voice that draws us in with seemingly effortless power, “Softie” is tight yet full of feel and rich tone, a track that grows from syncopated simple beginnings into an epic indie-pop anthem. 

“This song is about internalizing your own worth, and in this instance, taking a step back and letting others realize it too. I whisper sang this song over and over to myself in my room with wet cheeks and tired eyes until I finally was able to truly know mine, and if someone else is able to do the same, I’ve done my job.”

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