WATCH: Trailer for King Crimson Documentary ‘In The Court of the Crimson King’

The official trailer for the upcoming documentary, “In the Court of the Crimson King,” has been released and the prog-rock icons announced the film will debut at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival, which is scheduled for March 11 – 20 in Austin, Texas. Check out the trailer below…

The band that’s famous not only for creating the prog-rock genre but for a revolving cast of musicians who famously didn’t get along puts their historic animosity for one another on full display in the teaser.

“This is the first King Crimson where there’s not at least one member in the band that actively resents my presence, which is astonishing ” guitarist Robert Fripp says in the trailer. 

In another clip singer/guitarist Adrian Belew says, “When I came back from making some of that music my hair had fallen out.”

The film, which previously was titled “Cosmic F*Kc,” is directed by Toby Aimes, the U.K. filmmaker best known for his feature-length documentary “The Man Whose Mind Exploded.”

The King Crimson documentary will feature footage from the group’s 2018 tour and 2019 50th anniversary tour. 

‘The film is really sanctioned by the band only in as much as they set the ball rolling and gave Toby access and interviews he requested,” band manager David Singleton told Rolling Stone. “Thereafter the happily ceded all creative control.”

Perhaps Fripp will have something to say about the final product in his increasingly bizarre Sunday Lunch YoutTube series, which he creates with his wife, Toyah Wilcox — at times in varying degrees of near-nudity. 

One particularly wild entry in the Sunday Lunch series, Wilcox is seen in a gold-sequenced top, back panties, and knee-high stockings “dancing” on a dining table and singing along with the theme song from the James Bond movie “Goldfinger” while Fripp, hair gelled into a Mohawk, acts like he can’t quite understand what he’s seeing – or something to that effect. 

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