Cliff Burton (Metallica) Action Figure Becomes Bass Reality

This is just cool.

Fans of former and arguably the original Metallica bassist Cliff Burton who always knew he was a superhero may now have those feelings validated.

Super 7, a San Francisco-based creator of pop culture collectibles, announced on the company’s Instagram page that it will release a Cliff Burton ReAction figure on Thursday, February 10 (his birthday) to coincide with Alameda County’s annual Cliff Burton Day.

“Bass solo. Take one,” the post says.

Burton influenced just about every rock and metal bass player in the 1980s with his masterwork bass solo, “Anesthesia: Pulling Teeth,” which appears as the fifth track on Metallica’s debut album Kill ‘Em All.

Makes you wonder what the notoriously quiet Burton might have to say about being immortalized in molded plastic.

If you’ve never seen Burton rip through the arpeggios and chord tones laden in Anesthesia, a well-known-to-Mettalica-fans version from the band’s 1983 stop in Chicago is available to watch below..

Bass players be warned – you might find yourself with a sudden compulsion to add a wah-wah pedal and fuzz tone to your effects rack.

The 7-inch collectible will be available for purchase at

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