The Flops Come Out of The Garage With Dynamic Vocals On ‘Girl I Need To Know”

The Flops formed in December of 2019 out of a garage. The first two members, Tony Boll and Preston Fauver had been co-workers, slaving away, at the hell hole that is Red Lobster. Boll had been playing music for over a decade and truly began to pursue his career in New York City. First, he was a part of a four-piece rock group, Company, but after a slow start with this group, Boll left and started a solo career as a folk artist under the name Bodeen Trout. He released two projects under this name. However, when financial concerns took him out of New York, he returned to Virginia where he met Preston Fauver.

On The Flops’ passionate new slow-burner “Girl I Need to Know” we get treated to a Chris Cornell twisted soul range that very few can pull off. Infused with saxophone color and slinky guitar touches, “Girl I Need to Know” is a slow-building alt-rock keeper.

“This song was originally written as a poem by my former professor, and friend, Dr. Jerry Williams. Jerry is a successful poet and tenured professor, he is also the head of the Creative Writing Department at Marymount Manhattan College, NYC. He brought it out of his “box of stuff” for me to use as a song, and with a few tweaks the song took on the form it has today. We laid the track down at Panorama Studios with producer Jake Policky and invited saxophonist Caleb Dance, who improvised the entire track in a single take,” says Boll.

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