LISTEN: S.E. Webster Shakes Out Tender Yet Ragged Folk On “Already Gone”

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S. E. Webster is a folk-rock artist born and raised in the deserts of Southern California. S. E.’s music evokes sunsets, sepia tones, and long drives on far-off, dusty roads. With intimate vocals and lush instrumentation, S. E. has cultivated a modern yet timeless sound. His music gives voice to feelings of longing and nostalgia for what could have been.

Check out the fiery new single “Already Gone” from recent Glide discovery, S.E. Webster. Webster again displays his precise sense of form and defined songwriting. Armed with a voice potent and strong, Webster mixes tasteful rock instrumentation with poetic flair, carving out a nice sonic niche for himself in the alt-folk community.

“This song is a murder ballad. It’s actually about the fantasy and not the act, but a murder ballad nonetheless,” says Webster.

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