LISTEN: Mike Clark and the Sugar Sounds Drop Rollicking Stomper “Warm Me Up”

You ever heard of Mike Clark? No? Really? It’s okay, you’re reading this and your situation is about to be remedied. Mike Clark is a Colorado guy. He’s a member of The Haunted Windchimes (heard of them? No? Fix that) and leads a band called The River Arkansas. The Windchimes are rooted in honey soaked harmonies and some of the nicest little love songs you ever did hear. The River Arkansas is a rollicking Country/Rock outfit.

Clark also has another project, Mike Clark and the Sugar Sounds, and they sound nothing like either of the bands just mentioned. See, that’s the key thing about Mike Clark, the dude is a chameleon of talent. He can do the harmony love song thing better than just about anyone out there but then he can get your boots stomping with his Country/Americana thing and then there’s The Sugar Sounds in which he takes influences like Otis Redding, James Brown, Parliament, Curtis Mayfield, and even Isaac Hayes with the Bar-Kays (yeah, think the Shaft soundtrack) and he really does the damn thing. This is Front Range Soul wrapped around some of the sweetest words a person could pen. 

This single, “Warm Me Up”, the first from the new Sugar Sounds record, is a really good showcase of what is to come from the upcoming Moon Rock LP due out on March 11th. We’re not going to talk too much about this single, we don’t need to. We’re here to whet your appetite and tickle your ear drums a little – you know, peak your interest. There will be more said about The Sugar Sounds in the coming weeks as we lead up to Moon Rock’s release. In the meantime, it’s Valentine’s Day and if you’ve got someone to love on, put this little single on first  and warm ‘em up. If you don’t have someone to love on, that’s fine, maybe just warm yourself up . . . wait . . .

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