LISTEN: Mo Klé Summons Textured Rawness On “Book of Koheleth”

Mo Klé is the stage name of Swiss songwriter René Grünenfelder. Grünenfelder manages to capture the essence of his songs with just an acoustic guitar, an unmistakable voice, and acerbic lyrics in English, German or Swiss German when performing live. On his record Parallel Worlds, he articulates the many contrasts of our world and points out how absurd they often appear, a recurring theme throughout his songs.

Check out the vocally intoxicating new single, “Book Of Koheleth” from Mo Klé. Beautifully poetic and intense, Mo Klé sings to a circular acoustic guitar push and with pinpoint inflection, reminiscent of Tim Buckley’s rawness and John Fahey’s inventiveness.

“Book Of Koheleth” revolves around the desire to get rid of all earthly constraints and to simply enjoy life. I recorded and produced the song himself. The song is part of my  EP, “Tales From A Garage“ that will be released soon. The EP will contain five simple, stripped-down acoustic songs as well as a poem.” 

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