SONG PREMIERE: Cooper Kenward Displays Lo-Fi Syrupy Wonders On “In Due Time”

Tomorrow, indie-folk singer-songwriter Cooper Kenward officially shares a brand new single entitled “In Due Time,” featuring Jason Roberts (Norah Jones, Bedouin) on guitar and with a hand contributed by many other indie rock greats. The track is syrup-y sweet, decked out with swirling lo-fi chords, crisp and crooning vocals, and psych-influenced slow grooves. It’s like a summer day in the middle of winter — a pleasant surprise. Glide is premiering the fervently emotive track that is reminiscent of the introspective indie side of Eeels and Beck.

Of the track and its contributing players, Cooper wrote: “‘In Due Time” is a meditation on death, the inevitable, and the silly affirmations we tell ourselves to survive. Producer engineer Robert Shelton (Luke Temple, Meernaa) plays a waterfall of synths while Andrew Maguire (Mirah, Vetiver) holds down a head bopping groove over double drum machines. Additional wavy wah-wah guitar provided by Jason Roberts (Norah Jones, Bedouine). Backup Vocals by Carolina Chauffe (Hemlock). Baritone guitar by Carly Bond (Meernaa). Bass by James Riotto (John Vanderslice).”

Cooper Kenward writes warm feel-good-even-if-you-feel-bad songs. Hailing from a small town in Northern California, he never really thought he would be making music at this age. It was always a hobby, a secret whispered into a Radio Shack mic in the back of a closet. After playing in a couple bands in San Francisco, Cooper moved to Los Angeles where he currently directs music videos and hangs out with his gingers, pitbull Bonnie Raitt and cat Willie Nelson.

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