FULL ALBUM PREMIERE: Ben Auld Runs ’70s AM Gold Spectrum Readily On ‘Lemongrass’

From the first track “You’re A Ghost,” off Ben Auld’s new album Lemongrass due out 2/1/22 via Earth Libraries, you could have sworn this was a lost track off Wilco’s Star Wars sessions. With a crackly loose experimental fee with playful nods to 70s AM/FM nuggets, that theme continues throughout this listenable LP that surely deserves to make a “ones you missed” 2022 best-of list. But lets not miss this charmer if we don’t have to

Composed of sessions captured at his apartment, his parents’ home in Norwich, and the delightfully cozy Canyon Sound Studio, the record shows no sign of patchworking, instead unified effortlessly via the songwriter’s beguiling presence. A self-taught musician, engineer, and producer, Auld carved the layered tracks out over four years, writing and rewriting, teaching himself drums, and developing new recording techniques. “I gigged around in bands for a while, but this record came together after I started getting dragged along to open mics after University,” Auld explains. 

Glide is premiering the Lemongrass album in full (below) that surely might have you nab pop references throughout (George Harrison, Al Stewart, Aaron Lee Tasjan ) but the undeniable pop hooks seem to arrive effortlessly for Auld. Check out below what we’re talking about….

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