SONG PREMIERE: Jewels Gold Proves Shes Has The Goods On “Harmony Road”

Last week, 21-year-old rising starlet and TikTok megastar Jewels Gold shared her debut single, “Fond Memories,” the first track in a series of six songs, set to be released over the span of six weeks. This Friday marks the release of the second track in the collection, “Harmony Road.” As with her first single, this new track exhibits Jewels’ wide range and tremendous vocal chops, which Glide is premiering below.

Speaking on her second single, Jewels wrote:

“During a stressful day I left my house and went on a drive, searching for a change of scenery. I didn’t have a destination in mind- I just figured I’d go for a ride, and then I stumbled upon an intersection called Harmony Road. I was searching for harmony in my life at that moment, and when I discovered a real street called Harmony Road it resonated with me, and I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. While I was driving I came up with the lyric ‘Harmony Road, it feels like home, No harm for me on Harmony Road.’ As soon as I got back home, I finished the song in 15 minutes – It’s the song I wrote the fastest in this collection, and it always brings me a strong sense of comfort.”

Alongside each single, Jewels is also sharing an accompanying live video performance. “I’m choosing to share my songs in their most natural form, and that’s exactly what this collection is,” Jewels explained. “I’m inviting everyone to be a part of the songs as they evolve. I want to bring every listener on the journey from live acoustic performances to produced anthems.”

Hear “Harmony Road” via all DSPS and watch Jewels performing the song live via YouTube tomorrow. The full six-song collection — including “Fond Memories” and “Harmony Road” — will be out March 18 via Burnside/The Orchard. Stay tuned for track three, out next Friday, February 24.

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