SONG PREMIERE: On “Josie,” Eve’s Twin Lover Is Steely Dan Inspired, Yet Turns It DIY Indie

Eve’s Twin Lovers’s songs are synonymous with an early 90s mixtape – memorable, catchy, and deliciously candid. What one might consider a cast-off, to another those songs are golden stark confessional anthems that find a home with many an ear.

As the solo project of Chicago’s Tim Flood, who was brought onto music at an early age via records his mom started giving him when he was 7 – The Beatles, ELO, pop compilations.

“I remember doing my homework with an old tape recorder next to the radio, so that I could easily hit ‘record’ when a song I was obsessed with came onto WXRT. In jr. high and high school, I was that kid pushing bands I’d discovered at his classmates, and couldn’t believe my luck in college when guys started introducing me to new stuff,” recalls Flood.

In hindsight, creating music has been an attempt at connection for Flood. “We didn’t communicate on a deep level in my home – I doubt my experience is unique, in that regard – and melodies and lyrics bubble up to the surface from somewhere inside that I otherwise have trouble going.”

In the era before smartphones, Flood carried around a small, interviewing-type tape recorder in his coat pocket, to record melodies as they came to him, unpredictably. Creating and playing music offered somewhere to put the loneliness and anxiety that have always followed him around. ”

I recently listened to a song we recorded in 2015, and realized it’s about some grief I was processing, but not fully conscious of at the time. Music helps me get out of my head, where I spend too much time obsessing over my ‘shit’ – why couldn’t I make that relationship work; why did that fly out of my mouth last night. And it’s great fun – to be able to play live rock music, even just rehearsing, or to a small, half-filled room. It’s hard to describe the connection to that energy.”

Eve’s Twin Lover’s new album Stop Sending People To Kill Me is due out March 25, 2022, and it contains Flood’s soon-to-be signature knack for simple pop pleasures raided by an old-school indie-rock edge recalling early Pavement, Modern Lovers, and Sebadoh. Glide is premiering the crisp jangly nugget “Josie,” off Stop Sending People To Kill Me, which is influenced by one of rock’s most beloved studio acts.

“I was watching a Steely Dan cover band with a friend, and after they did “Josie” he blurted out, “That’s who I want – Josie, with her eyes on fire.”  I’ve had a hard time settling into romantic relationships, and started thinking, maybe I’m searching for a mythical woman (Josie), who doesn’t exist.”

Check out this throwback contagious keeper below…

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