SONG PREMIERE: Austin’s Zakoor Drops Infectious Dream Pop On “Life Cycle”

Zakoor, a two-piece band from Austin, TX, introduce their upcoming album Life Cycle with the lead single, “Life Cycle,” a pop-infused indie rock number that will suit fans of Elliot Smith and Death Cab for Cutie. Mixing modern-day existentialism lyrically with bright, pop flairs sonically, “Life Cycle” is as infectious as it is relatable.  Check out the Glide exclusive premiere below…

Starting off with simple, catchy guitar riffs, the song quickly expands into a lush soundscape as the chorus kicks in and singer-songwriter John Zakoor muses about a life-affirming love – “I stay alive for you….catch all the stars for you, and shine for you.” With drummer Bryan O’Flynn, Zakoor has created a song that feels both like a respite and relief from the frenzy of the world. Starting amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Zakoor was formed in and inspired by the peak of chaos, members Zakoor and O’Flynn communicating solely over text and email to create music that proved to be both an outlet and mode of survival. Trying to make sense of what was happening in the world, Zakoor pays homage to 80s pop, 90s grunge, and a whole lot of modern-day existentialism. Their new album Life Cycle was mixed and produced by Paul Kolderie (Pixie’s Surfer Rosa, Radiohead’s The Bends, Hole’s Live Through This) and mastered by Pete Weiss. 

Zakoor released two back-to-back EPs in 2020, and with Life Cycle, the band continues to mature, find their sound, and hone their craft. The new full-length album, Life Cycle, is the culmination of the sounds and feelings that swept over its writers over the last two years of pandemic isolation. The lyrics draw on themes of love and death and accepting nature’s indifference towards our finding happiness. Each track attempts to probe a little deeper into the meaning of Big Things like: living, trusting, loving, watching Netflix, scrolling Instagram, joy, despair, dignity, and meaning itself for those endeavoring to be–and feel–alive at this moment in timespace. Zakoor make music about being human, bringing an incredibly honest, candid look at our experiences, accomplishing the existential task of finding joy and meaning in the Sisyphean absurd. “Life Cycle,” a fantastic example of Zakoor’s abilities, is out everywhere this Friday, February 25th.


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