Tool Offering “Ultra Deluxe” $810 ‘Fear Innoculum’ Vinyl At Shows

Tool’s 2022 Puscifer World Tour stops at Washington D.C.’s Capital One Arena tonight (February 22), and fans have been sharing their experiences on social media.

But an exclusive offer to ToolArmy fans has some of the band’s diehards upset:

The band is hawking an “ultra-deluxe” vinyl version of 2019’s Fear Inoculum for $810 at their shows, and fans on social media have expressed both excitement and irritation for the “tour merch,” which is available only to those who purchased ToolArmy VIP tickets to the band’s upcoming tour dates.

The exclusive release comes on 180-gram vinyl with music on one side and original artwork on the other, and it’s signed by singer Maynard James, drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones, and bassist Justin Chancellor. 

Representing the have-nots, @BigBadBurch tweeted, “Yeah, I wanted Fear Inoculum on vinyl but not for $800,” and @JamieGiberti posted, “Tool selling signed vinyl on their our for $810 is the biggest music industry piss take I’ve seen in a while.”

Interesting that fans who express undying love for all things Tool and support Maynard’s ventures into the wine industry now cry foul and lack appreciation for the band’s right in a free-market economy to sell products to fans who are willing to purchase them at a premium. 

We’re betting if those individuals in the have-nots camp who are turning their nose up at this Tool offering would enjoy the ability to sell self-made merchandise on eBay and get as much as they can for it.

Check out this fan-shot video on YouTube of Tool performing “Invincible” on February 20 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. 

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