VIDEO PREMIERE: Jack Broadbent Pays Ode to Night Owls with Country-blues Crooner “Midnight Radio”

Photo credit: Jeff Fasano

On each album, Jack Broadbent is used to people saying, “Oh, this is a departure from your previous stuff.” That’s something the British-born singer, songwriter and guitarist has heard to varying degrees, over the course of his six albums to date, and is certainly fitting of his latest release, Ride (due out April 8th). As someone who is as connected to the quality of his relationships with people as he is to the quality of his music, rest assured he considers that a compliment.

“I think there’s a lot of variety on my records. This is no different,” Broadbent says. “I’m really getting a sense now that this idea of genre and where you fit in is not as important as it used to be — which I think is good.”

Broadbent grew up in rural Lincolnshire, England. His earliest influence, his father, Mick Broadbent, plays bass on Ride and is a well-established musician, including a tenure with Bram Tchaikovsky. He established himself as a seriously talented slide guitar player before branching deeper into songwriting but always making sure to keep on rocking. Ride does, indeed, rock…Broadbent’s natural grit, voice and guitar, riding atop every song with a driving force.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the video for “Midnight Radio,” one of the standout tracks on the new album. With a cool swinging jazz groove, Broadbent lays down vocals that are smooth but carry a touch of grit, bringing to mind crooners like Lyle Lovett. Much like a lot of Lovett’s songs, this tune carries a touch of country-folk. Though Broadbent takes a fairly restrained approach to the guitar parts, he definitely lays down a few bluesy solos to give the song a touch more energy. The black and white video featuring a white-suited Broadbent singing away in a smoky nightclub only adds to the mysteriously fun vibe of the music.

“Midnight Radio is a song for the night owls, for the people that love their music by moonlight and stars.” – Jack Broadbent


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