SONG PREMIERE: Gooseberry Stuns With Melodically Crisp & Heavy “Sleep”

Photo by Savannah Shealy

New on the block, Gooseberry has already begun developing a devoted following in and around New York City, running the full gamut of venues from The Bowery Electric to DROM to house shows across the boroughs, quickly staking their claim in the ever-lively Brooklyn music scene. Fans know they’ll be kept on their toes, as the band moves in and out of genres and styles, always keeping the crowd engaged. The band expects a big year on the road in 2022, starting off with gigs at famous NYC hotspots like The Knitting Factory and Mercury Lounge. Ahead of the release of their EP on May 6, Glide is excited to share their new single Sleep, out February 25th, a melodic and jazzy number that features prog like segments and effortless shifts between the heavy and light.

Gooseberry – the 4-piece, genre-bending band from Brooklyn – is an alchemy of many disparate elements. Their combination of indie rock and soul is a recipe for a unique sound that Gooseberry delivers in each song. The band consists of Asa Daniels (formerly of Baked Goods) on guitar/vocals, Evin Rossington (drums), Sam Rappaport (keys, vocals), and Will Hammond (bass). They are often referred to as having “two bands in one.” This phenomenon can be attributed to the distinctly different approaches of their two chief songwriters—Asa and Sam. It is this dynamic that enables Gooseberry to deftly maneuver from song to song of varying genres, sounds, and themes in a striking, complex, and cohesive manner. While the pandemic put a halt to live music right about the time Gooseberry teamed up, the group kept busy, recording and releasing three singles that have racked up greater than 100K streams to date.

Sleep is out on February 25th, with their debut EP Broken Dance to follow on May 6

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