SONG PREMIERE: Anya Anastasia Shares Dreamy and Reflective Art-rock Tune “Spinning Heads”

Anya Anastasia’s new music is a powerful blend of experimental folk and West-African inspired desert rock. The originality of the songwriting and captivating melodies draw you in to the strange and dreamlike landscapes the music evokes. Anya’s lush arrangements, intricate guitar work and intriguing vocals weave together to create beautifully crafted songs featuring Gareth Chin on keys/rhodes and Satomi Ohnishi on percussion/drums.

Anya’s lyrics ask questions about our society, conspiring to stir dissent and environmental action. Amidst the grind of modern industrial life, her songs transcribe wonders of the natural world.

Now, the Adelaide virtuoso Anya Anastasia has returned with the release of a new single titled “Spinning Heads” ahead of her debut EP Dissenter, due out April 1st, and today Glide is excited to share an exclusive premiere. Taking a bold approach to art-rock, “Spinning Heads” balances fluid keys and warm guitar tones with Anya’s angelic vocals. With its steady drum march, the song builds textures along with a sense of drama. There is a quiet sense of calm that permeates throughout the song, as if Anya’s vocals are drifting dreamily over the music. Lyrically, the tune finds her exploring the importance of stepping back from the frenzy of life to observe moments of stillness. Anya further explains:

“This song is about the feeling of vertigo in a world that doesn’t always make sense. Modern lives are filled with unsolicited distractions: neon signs and advertisements directing you away from the things that matter. When you’re in a position to see past the swirling illusions, sometimes you feel right-way-up in an upside-down world, acutely aware that you’re the outlier.”


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