Bob Dylan Kicks Off 2022 Rough & Rowdy Ways World Tour In Phoenix

Bob Dylan last night (March 3) performed at the Arizona Federal Theater in Phoenix, AZ for the first stop of 2022 on his Rough and Rowdy Ways World Tour, kicking off the trek with another mighty setlist for his dedicated fans.

Dylan and his five-piece band performed the same set that they did at New York City’s Beacon Theater on November 20, 2021, with one notable exception taking the place of “Early Roman Kings” as the ninth song of the night.

“I crossed the Rubicon on the 14th day of the most dangerous month of the year,” Dylan sang in the live debut of the classic-rock’n’roll-constructed “Crossing the Rubicon.”

Dylan and his band stop tonight (March 4) at the 2,289-seat Tucson Music Hall in Tuscon, AZ, and continue on the 27-date Rough and Rowdy Ways World Tour through April 14 in Oklahoma City, OK.

Thanks to PianoMan’s Bird for posting two 30-second clips from last night’s Phoenix show.

Bob Dylan Live in Phoenix Part 1

Bob Dylan Live in Phoenix Part 2

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8 Responses

  1. Was lucky to see Bob Dylan in Tucson. Was awesome. Did miss seeing him on the guitar. But was just great to see him still singing & playing harmonica/piano. He’s still THE showman I remember seeing in the late 70’s. Had my son with me this time, he loved seeing the man he listened to growing up. Keep the music flowing Bob. Thank you for the concert in Tucson, was such a pleasure.

  2. Saw him in Shreveport on March 18, 2022, and he was terrible. I love his old songs, and not one of them was played. Talked to 20 people after the show, and everyone felt the same. No singing, just talking thru the songs, and the band drowned out all the lyrics.

  3. I have been seeing Dylan since 1974 and I have NEVER seen a bad concert. There is only one Dylan and he is the very best at whatever he creates.I have cherished every concert every album. Godspeed Bob Dylan!

  4. March 29th in Columbia, SC…. Love Dylan, There are no actual words that describe how awful that mess was…..We left after an hour. All of us were struggling to believe anyone could be so bad and not have someone that cares for them tell them to STOP. Never understood a word, He NEVER interacted with the audience in any way. It took 3 songs for my husband to figure out he was even on the stage. Save your money. Save your time…Not worth either of those things… I want my money back!!!

  5. We sat through half an hour of horror last night in Chattanooga before walking out. The funny part of the entire time was watching the audience trying to do the cool head moves but never being able to get it together. I feel sorry for them enduring such a non performance all because they spent money to put a notch in their belts. So sad.

  6. I bought tickets for the show in Redding on 6/7 (an early Father’s Day present). My husband had always wanted to see Dylan and finally got the chance. What a disappointment. He mumbled through the songs and we never understood a single song he sang .

  7. Dylan is Dylan! He not looking for your approval. You.must think highly of yourself to even fathom he gives a hoot. Last album was great. Too. bad you’ve never listen to it. God is God.Dylan is Dylan. They don’t need us to be them. Or us to love them but I love them both. Serve God not Bob,

  8. These Rags on BOB (Dylan ) will never change ! He didn’t do this and he didn’t do that 🤮🤮🤮. #1 Bob doesn’t spend a lot of time BS ing the crowd which some performers do. Never has. #2 He’s 81 Years Old and still going out on the road.#3 He hasn’t played guitar on tour with an occasional exception in years.#4 He played mostly his new Material ….Rough & Rowdy Ways So “You better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone ….cause The Times They are – A Changing “

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