Banditos Return With Long-Awaited Third Album ‘Right On’ May 20th – Share “Here Tonight” Single

On May 20th, the acclaimed Nashville via Birmingham quintet Banditos return with their long-awaited third album Right On (Egghunt Records). Comprised of 10 new songs, Right On represents a significant turning point in the band’s evolution with their most fully realized offering to date. Watch the video for the boisterous new track “Here Tonight” below..

Right On is the result of significant shifts for Banditos in both sound and band structure. For starters, the group collectively decided that the electrifying Mary Beth Richardson would officially take on the role of lead singer, putting her incredible voice out front, as opposed to having two additional male lead vocalists in the past. Also, following the departure of their bassist, banjo player Stephen Pierce stepped in and became proficient on the instrument bringing new rhythmic styles to the group’s sound thus allowing more space for creative exploration. Along with bandmates Corey Parsons (guitar), Randy Wade (drums) and Jeffery Salter (guitar), who round out a stellar band,  Banditos have taken full advantage of the new dynamics.

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  1. “Here Tonight” is an incredible step forward for Banditos, setting real life lyrics to the hallmark music that has set Banditos apart from the beginning. So looking forward to their new album “Right On” which drops on May 20th! Damn COVID, full speed ahead! Hoorah for those persistent Banditos! Right On!

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