LISTEN: On “Muscle Memory, Pt. I” Spadefoot Takes Simple Mantra & Musically Expands Its

Miles Adams, also known as Spadefoot, is an independent artist and producer based in Colorado. While he grew up in the Texas hill country surrounded by musical influences, Miles started late in music, first picking up a guitar at age 19, and playing his first open-mic in Terlingua, Texas at 25. 

Check out the expressive and refreshingly strange new single, “Muscle Memory, Pt. I” from Spadefoot. Fueled by melodic tenderness and cutting guitar lines, Adams aka Spadefoot exhibits a staggering ability to take a simple mantra and scope it into a beautiful musical expression. 

“Muscle Memory, Pt. I is the opening to the concept album, Muscle Memory, and it introduces listeners to the themes that surround the album. To me, a lot of life is the feedback loop of anxiety and overthinking—worrying about past and future, the complexities of human interaction, etc.—but the times that we’re at our best are when we’re truly present in the moment, and not consumed by all of that noise. That comes with an unconscious relationship between the mind and body. The body breathes, the heart pumps and all of these complex actions are happening without conscious decisions. In the same way, we learn through repetition, and eventually, we perform tasks without conscious thought, and in those moments there isn’t enough space or time to be consumed with anxieties. In those moments, we are at our peak, even if we’re still learning. This song, and the album as a whole, is about the beauty found in those moments, and also about how those habits can lead us to ruin if they are abused, as they so often are.”

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