VIDEO PREMIERE: Hamish Anderson Drops Acoustic Take On Power Pop Gem “Everything Starts Again”

As the world still slowly discovers Hamish Anderson’s guitar prowess is truly legit, the Australian artist had been keeping busy in quarantine, becoming even better at his six-string craft. With his band in Los Angeles, an ocean away from Melbourne, he’s been able to remotely record several singles. His latest “Everything Starts Again,” (released 2/4/22) is influenced by Badfinger, The Pretenders, and Pete Townshend. Glide is premiering the video for the solo acoustic cut of “Everything Starts Again,” where Anderson’s classic rock hummable hooks mingle with warm earnest singing, evolving this electric power-pop gem to an earthy gem.

“I’m really proud to share this stripped-back version of my new single “Everything Starts Again”. This is how it was when I first wrote it. I always enjoy when a song can take on different lives –  you may write it stripped back, but it can end up somewhere completely different once you start recording it. Sometimes you can even keep finding different versions within a song long after recording it. I enjoy that exploration,” says Anderson.

“The thing that really drives this song are the lyrics, so it really allows itself to be performed bare bones. Subconsciously, I must have been inspired after numerous times watching The Beatles’ “Get Back” documentary to go up on the roof on a hot summer afternoon in Melbourne and capture a live take of the song. The song is about resilience and how when one door closes, another opens…how just when you think it’s the end, everything starts again,” adds Anderson.

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