LISTEN: Adee Gershon Keeps The Faith With Airy & Enrapturing “Late Bloomer”

Adee Gershon is a rising singer-songwriter based in TLV who started singing as a child in an opera choir, later going on to play the piano and the french horn.

Influenced by various artists such as Elliott Smith, The Beach Boys, Etta James, and Frank Ocean, Gershon portrays unique and eclectic harmonies and vulnerable lyrics. Gershon is currently working on her set of debut albums (one in Hebrew, one in English) to be released later on in 2022.

From the tastefully picked, atmospheric opening guitar notes to the last, heartfelt pleas for water ground, and light, Adee Gershon’s latest single “Late Bloomer” (above) finds that sweet spot of feeling melancholic yet hopeful that so many great tunes are able to hit. The crystal clear, airy, fingerpicked electric guitar hearkens back to stripped-down Jeff Buckley tunes while Gershon’s rich vocals float effortlessly over the top, letting the heartfelt lyrics stand out and speak for themselves. 

“Late Bloomer” is an inspirational and genuine song about keeping faith while trying to find light and solid ground to create true growth in times of feeling left behind and unfulfilled. This song is dedicated with endless love to those who bloomed late, and to those who are still blooming,” says Gershon


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