Freedust Drops Call & Response Of Decades Past & Present On “Heat”

Freedust came together when Daniele Carmosino met singer Lisa Widmark among the creaking Hammonds and weather-beaten Moogs of an antique music store in 2015. With more than just musical influences in common, the pair shared a feel for the music they wanted to create and soon began realizing their vision in Daniele’s home studio. Later joined by guest singer Sarina Leah from London, the three strive to create timeless dance music that fuses together the influences of all three members which include soul, funk, hip hop, R&B, blues, and jazz. 

With Spring creeping up right around the corner, Freedust’s “Heat” brings us a tightly executed summer jam from Barcelona that even the most jaded among us would have a hard time not bobbing their head to. Coming off their upcoming EP of the same name, “Heat” has a classic funk/soul sound the band likes to refer to as, “a call and response of decades past and present”.

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