SONG PREMIERE: SeepeopleS Manifest Acute Folk Luminosity Via “Two Silhouettes”

Photo by Lauryn Sophia

Consider it tragic that Will Bradford of SeepeopleS isn’t as recognizable a name as Bonnie Prince Billy or Sam Beam. As the bandleader/songwriter/producer of this unique band with a must-listen discography for 22 years, there is no band that can nail down so many facets of indie rock as if each genre was truly their own offspring.

Fellow musicians agree as members of Morphine, Spearhead, Dave Matthews Band (Tim Reynolds), and even members of Parliament/Funkadelic are featured on previous albums. All seven records were co-produced by Will Holland (Pixies, New Pornographers, Dead Can Dance). The band has toured ceaselessly, playing over 1500 shows in 46 states during their long career. Most importantly, SeepeopleS features songwriting that is the definition of timelessness and lyrically has been busy writing the most important musical anthems of our generation.

Glide is premiering the endearing “Two Silhouettes” (below) an endearing low-key number that borders on celestial folk and ’70s pop-rock as if Bert Jansch jammed with Gerry Rafferty. It’s this effortless song charisma from Bradford that proves he’s still indie rock’s most unheralded acumen.

‘Two Silhouettes’ is a little song I wrote while reflecting on love and all the love around me, past and present. It was actually the last tune I wrote for the next SeepeopleS album and the only song written during the pandemic. Living while the world was in chaos, but also relative stillness due to the COVID lockdowns, I finally had time to catch up on my thoughts, and when you do that—and especially when you start thinking of the ones closest to you, the people you hold most dear—you realize there is always so much left unresolved, always. So essentially, ‘Two Silhouettes’ is my way of reaching out, my way of sending a little letter to the people I love and have loved, and myself—addressing both parties involved—in an effort to remember the important moments, and try to achieve the kind of peace that helps you to realize you love someone so much that you can let them go,” says Bradford about the tune.

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