LISTEN: Forest Ray Slow Burns The Analog & The Psych On “Close Your Eyes”

Forest Ray experiments in the analog and psychedelic, combining guitar-driven psych-rock with elements of raw synth-laced post-punk, folk-rock, and organ-laden pop. Following in the footsteps of Pacific Northwest greats from The Sonics to The Kingsmen, Forest Ray brings a new spin to the classic garage lineup but with the same youthful punk spirit. 

Here to help you shake off your post-party blues with a misty Pacific Northwest flare, “Close Your Eyes” from Seattle’s Forest Ray is a slide-filled Americana slow burn that’s sure to reveal a pleasant new surprise with every listen. Recorded to analog over the course of three days in a home studio, the organic warmth comes through in spades leading up to a perfectly fuzzy guitar solo to take us into the final chorus. “Close Your Eyes” will be on the forthcoming full-length album Always, due out later this year. 

“A lot of people have interpreted this as a “breakup song”, which I find funny because it’s really about perseverance and the kind of spirit that’s never ready to quit, leave the party or go to sleep. There is definitely something nostalgic and somber about the tune which I think might throw people off from what the inspiration for the song was. But everybody gets the blues after a late night or a great party.”

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