SONG PREMIERE: Andrew Weiss and Friends Exhibit Power Folk Finesse On “What’ve We Learned To Live With?” Off ‘Sunglass & Ash’ Due 6/24

“Most of these songs were written during 2020, with a few originating a bit before then. During 2020, I made it a point to write music almost every day, just to work out that muscle, and I ended up with 93 songs by the end of the year,” says an accomplished Andrew Weiss about his new double album with collaborators Sunglass & Ash that is due out June 24. 

Weiss and Friends have made a name for themselves since their debut LP arrived in 2018 with their unique blend of Laurel Canyon folk-rock and the sonic flourishes of late-70s power pop. Singer-songwriter Andrew Weiss clings to and cherishes moments of intimacy, difficult conversations, and emotional currency through his songwriting. Weiss’ influences run the gamut – from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Cheap Trick, Buffalo Springfield, and The Byrds; yet all while retaining a touch unique to his own blend of crispy power folk.

Along with the album announcement, Glide is premiering Sunglass & Ash’s opener “What’ve We Learned To Live With?” a contagious anthem that is biting, ragged and melodic – think Old 97s jamming with The Replacements. Weiss has always had a keen talent for introspective ruminations on the human condition and here he ignites his observations with pronounced inventiveness. 

“When I wrote this song, I had seen one of my favorite movies Once Upon a Time In Hollywood for the 3rd or 4th time, and I thought about the concept of revisionist history. I always thought about how in school, we never really learned the true story about Columbus and what he did to the natives of the land. This song is a type of revisionist history in which the pioneers, who I see as the Natives, the first ones to the land, recognize that Columbus stole their land (and much worse). In my alternate version of history, they decide to fight back against him and instead of being beaten brutally like what happened in reality, and they emerge victorious. I allude to the fact that this is an alternate version of history when I say ‘a man can dream, but life goes on when he opens his eyes.’ I was also trying to connect the hopefully obvious metaphor that the past few years we’ve had a ‘Columbus’ character in office, as some of the population wonders ‘what’ve we learned to live with?’ You can replace the Columbus character in this song with Trump, or Nixon, or any character of that sort. History has been repeating itself for hundreds of years,” generously describes Weiss about the track.

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