SONG PREMIERE: ERRORR Cook Up Explosive Wall of Sound Via “Sixxx”

To kick off the week, Glide is premiering “Sixxx” – the first track off Berlin-based experimental rock outfit ERRORR’s upcoming debut album, out later this year via Anomic Records. The single (as well as the entire forthcoming record) was first written at home during lockdown by band leader Leonard Kaage (who has worked with the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Holy Motors, The Underground Youth, and more).

Kaage often had his kitchen radio on while cooking, and listening to the songs that were being played, he decided to take those pop song formulas and create something similar, but with “real” instruments and “real” feelings. The outcome was a fuzzed up pop song with a message, carved around an explosive wall of sound.

Of the single, Kaage wrote:

“Sometimes, I write a song and I can’t fully grasp what it is about until long after it is done. I wrote  ‘Sixxx’ during the time when Donald Trump’s presidency finally ended and the storming of the white  house happened. The song isn’t necessarily about him or about this specific incident, but about the  absurdness of the situation. 

From my perspective as a European citizen, I have witnessed Trump’s presidential career as a youtube  ‘best of capitalist system fails’ montage. I was expecting the former president to go from the white house directly to jail and still he spoke about the situation as if he was the winner. I thought it was a funny twist to write it as if it was a song about something hot and sexual, but actually it’s about watching a horrible  political leader go down… which can be pretty hot.”

ERROR’S new single, “Sixxx,” is out tomorrow, and their upcoming debut album is out this year via Anomic Records.

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