SONG PREMIERE: Genre Fluid Shock Rockers Flummox Create LSD Inspired Pysch Hijnks On”Hummingbird Anthem”

“Wow, just wow” sums up the charismatic commotion that creates shock rock for the twenty-twenties. After all what other type of band proudly refers to their origins as “formed in a rundown trailer near the garbage dump off of an old Tennessee highway.”

This genre-fluid band has many a cool musical trick to summon, yet their latest is one of LSD hijinks. Glide is premiering the rambunctiously somewhat melodic video and song for “Hummingbird Anthem” – one that might make the psychedelic mayhem of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard appear orderly.

This song is about an LSD-fueled journey Flummox’s Allyson Blake Dellinger and Drew Jones took into the woods at age 17, during which they hallucinated befriending (and subsequently smoking) a hummingbird. Read on below the sounds for the full deets of the trip…

“When we were 17, [Flummox co-founder / guitarist Drew Jones], me and one of our other friends dropped acid one day and went off daytripping into the Tennessee woods, as we used to do when we were dumb little kids, and we came across this hummingbird. Usually, any bird, when there are humans stomping around, it flies away. This one did not. When you come across a bird that’s flying around you and being your pal, and you’re on acid, you think it means something bigger than it does. So we’re just amazed that this hummingbird is flying around us and being really cool, and very personable. But because we were on drugs, and this is not something I’m very proud of, we were like, “Well, what should we do about this?” And Drew said, “We should smoke it.” And I was like, “Drew, how are we going to do that? How are we even going to catch it?” And I guess the hummingbird had gotten too close, because before I could blink, Drew snatched it right out of the air with his bare hand. And me with my saucer eyes, I pulled my bowl and my grinder out of my bag, and I started packing a little bit of bud, and Drew started grinding the hummingbird,” says singer-bassist Alyson Blake Dellinger.

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  1. OMG! You just channeled Frank Zappa into the next century. That song was so incredibly melodic and complex. It’s the best new music I’ve heard in a decade. ❤️

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