LISTEN: Tone of Voice Orchestra Stuns With Unconventional Instrumentation On “You Saw Yourself Out”

Tone of Voice Orchestra is a 10 piece band started in 2017 by Copenhagen’s singer-songwriter Trinelise Væring and jazz saxophonist Fredrik Lundin. With unconventional instrumentation and a genre-fluid approach to songwriting, Tone of Voice Orchestra draws their influences from Scandinavian roots, jazz, and indie-folk, while blending the famous Scandinavian sound with global influences from Eastern European folklore, Americana and North African textures. 

Was that a cittern I just heard? If you’re asking that question about the recently released “You Saw Yourself Out” from Copenhagen’s Tone of Voice Orchestra, then give yourself a pat on the back because the lute-like instrument is setting the understated, blues-drenched groove for the duration of the track. Along with chain rattling percussion (literally), beautifully blended 3 part harmonies, and a dirty sax solo that would be right at home in any prime, early 70’s Stones rocker, “You Saw Yourself Out” has enough pleasant twists and turns to keep you happily coming back for more listens. Make sure to check out the rest of Tone of Voice’s self-titled album, out now. 

“There is an air of feminine emancipation in this song as in many of our songs actually. We are four adult women singing our hearts out. It kind of feels like we are a force of nature when we sing together.”

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