LISTEN: Leon in the Wild Drops Bygone Pop Magic On Effervescent “Track Shoes”

From his home near the sunny beaches of Northern California, Leon in the Wild has been quietly creating a fuzzy, jangly blend of indie-pop with some nods to psychedelic music and influences from 90s alternative bands like Grandaddy, Eels, and Built to Spill.  All music is written, recorded, mixed, and mastered from his home, allowing complete artistic freedom to experiment and meander through whatever sounds he chooses.  “I’ve always made music while staying in the background,” says Leon. “I’ve always been the guitarist, the producer/engineer, the person mixing/mastering, background vocalist, etc. This is my first step into the wild as myself.  Being solo is scary… but therapeutic.  I need that. The world is too crazy to not seek therapy in whatever way helps you.”  

Leon in the Wild is back after a brief hiatus with a quintessentially Northern California kaleidoscopic single “Track Shoes”.  With the verses and chorus moving the listener seamlessly between windswept Pacific beaches and strobe light lit San Francisco club floors, Leon drives it all home with an earworm of a melody. Be on the lookout for the upcoming EP, set to release through San Francisco-based Recorded Psychic Readings Records in 2022.

“Without pulling the curtain back too far, it touches on a relationship I have with a family member. Blood relationships can hurt and mess with your head more than anything. It covers the immature tongue-in-cheek comments I’d say to this person in my head, spotlights my inability to figure out how to even start communicating again with this person, and even touches on how I occupy my thoughts with mindless tasks to avoid thinking about it,” says Leon.

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