LISTEN: Alex Salcido Delivers Poignant Tale of Rise & Redemption Via “Aurelian”

Check out the hauntingly beautiful new single, “Aurelian” from Alex Salcido – one half of indie rock-folk group The Harmed Brothers. In the epic tale of a pro wrestler’s rise and fall, Salisido’s voice quivers with stunning complexion and depth. Our protagonist peers in the reflective pool of life, a daunting and sometimes impossible test, to bend life to our will and face loss, addiction and love while looking back at the tragic ride with a cracked smile on our face.

“Yes, indeed it is a song about Jake “The Snake” Roberts, his rise, fall, and redemption – however it’s also very much about being able to step out of the shadows of your past and move on from the people and things that hurt you most,” says Salcido

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