LISTEN: On “Pudding Pie,” Mousey Churns Up Syncopated Whirl of Adventurous Sound

Mousey is the project of Christchurch songwriter Sarena Close. With a strong sense of melody and emotionally raw sincerity, Mousey cherishes the art of communicating the human experience above all else. She is inspired by local artists Aldous Harding, Tiny Ruins, and Anthonie Tonnon, as well as Big Thief, Lomelda, and Eels. And yet her sound defies the restrictions of genre and her music provides a unique and powerful insight into this wonderful and confusing world.

On Mousey’s new single “Pudding Pie”, the son might be inspired by the severing of a toxic relationship, but there isn’t a single second of this six-minute ride that is dull. The descending bassline and syncopated drums wrap you up right from the start with an adventurous whirl of sound where the worlds of Radiohead and Big Thief merge.

 “This song is bonkers and a wild journey in its own right. It’s my wee magnum opus and the cold, damaged heart at the center of my album. I started and finished writing Pudding and Pie while camping in Tōtaranui, along with a lot of the album actually. I was in the process of separating myself from a once close friend that ended up being a really toxic presence in my life. While it was really cathartic to write this semi-diss-track, it helped me organize my thoughts and bring closure to a very confusing and damaging relationship. I think this song is the longest because the torture this person put me through meant there was so much emotional fuel to burn and so much to say,” says Mousey.

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