LISTEN: LAMMPING Deliver Fuzz, Disjointed Hooks, Jangly Guitars On “Beyond the Veil”

LAMMPING was founded by singer/songwriter Mikhail Galkin and drummer Jay Anderson. Meeting at a concert where Jay and Mikhail’s previous bands were sharing the bill, they quickly connected over their musical tastes, drawing on their love of everything from mid-90’s boom-bap to Tropicalia and library music. Rounding out the lineup are Matt Aldred on guitar and Scott Hannigan on bass. As a starting point Galkin posed the question to his bandmates: “What if we had the heaviness of Sabbath but with Beach Boys harmonies?” The band brought their various musical influences and ideas together under a psych-rock umbrella, expanding the possibilities of heavy music. Reflecting on the name of the band, Galkin acknowledges, “LAMMPING came from “Cold Lamping With Flavor” a Public Enemy song. I guess it was our way of saying hip hop is an influence on us. We added an extra “m” to give it an original touch.”

They’re back. The 90’s. Whether you love it, hate it, feel complete indifference, or weren’t even aware it was happening, they are they are upon us. Fortunately, there are bands like Toronto-based Lammping to help navigate the timewarp by offering exciting detours that somehow feel like an outstretched hand of a trusted old friend.  “Beyond the Veil”, off the EP “Stars We Lost”, released earlier this month, delivers all the fuzz, disjointed hooks, jangly guitars, and subdued yet engaging vocals of your favorite 90’s indie rockers while simultaneously creating a timeless sound all their own. 

“Melodic and fuzzy, ‘Beyond the Veil’ is sung from the perspective of someone that has moments ago succumbed and is now experiencing whatever lies ‘beyond’. The subject of this song may have been agnostic and is elated by the breadth of the cosmic expanse,” says Aldred.

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