LISTEN: Tommy and The Ohs Take Country On Surf Spin Via “Bombshell”

Happily fall through the looking glass with “Bombshell”, the reverb-drenched single off Tommy and the Ohs debut album “Mariposa Gold”. A feel-good tune despite danger seemingly lurking around every corner, “Bombshell” is the classic “country music goes surfing in California” tale that sets the surreal tone for the rest of the genre-blending album.

“Bombshell’ was recorded live to tape by the great Andrija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville, Tennessee. With a classic count-off by percussionist Houston Mathews, face-melting farfisa solo by saxophonist Paul Thacker, and the ethereal background vocals of Alicia Gail, it’s a powerful performance that serves as the preface to Mariposa Gold,” says Tommy.

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