Celebrities Who Might Be Playing at Your Table

It’s no secret that there are dozens of celebrities who love to gamble – whether it be musicians, actors or sports personalities, it isn’t hard to think of a few people who have made the pages of the news for their love of playing casino games, slots, or poker.

One of the most interesting aspects of playing online blackjack live or roulette live is that you just never know who could be sitting next to you at the live casino table.Let’s have a look at a few of the people we know for sure enjoy playing online live casino games – you may never know if they really are sitting at your table, but it’s always fun to think about it!

Phil Ivey – Poker Pro

Ivey has made the news more times than almost any other professional gambler for his antics in America, Asia, and Europe. He’s returned to the online poker circuit in recent years, playing hundreds of thousands of real money hands – often at the same time as his casino favourite live dealer blackjack. Phil isn’t the most well-known name on this page, but his wins (and losses) have made him a legend within the gambling community.

Matt Damon – Actor

Damon is well-known to be a close friend of Ben Affleck and the two of them have been spotted playing in the Poker world championships together on multiple occasions. Matt starred in the classic gambling movie Rounders early on in his career and he’s quoted as having said it was that role which ignited his interest in all things gambling – particularly poker and blackjack. Damon is upfront about his enjoyment of online casinos and is believed to be well ahead of the house over the lifetime of his playing career.

Ben Affleck – Actor

We couldn’t talk about Matt without mentioning friend Ben Affleck in more detail. Ben is another household name actor who loves to play both poker and blackjack and claims to have won upwards of $800,000 during one particularly long session. That may not sound like much for someone who earns tens of millions of dollars for each of his acting roles, but it just goes to show that you don’t have to be spending a fortune to have a good time when playing online casino games.

Tiger Woods – Golfer

Woods is often called the “King of Golf”, but he is almost as well known for his gambling exploits today as he is for his shots out on the fairway. Once again, poker and blackjack are known to be his two favorite games although Woods is known to love the thrill of high stakes play, sometimes betting upwards of $25,000 per hand when he feels he is on a lucky run.

Jennifer Tilly – Actor

Finding men who love casino games seems to be much easier than women, which is strange considering that many online casinos report their player bases as being primarily female. We had to find at least one female name for this list, however, so went with Canadian-American actress Jennifer Tilly. Tilly has apparently retired from the silver screen nowadays and spends much of her time practising and playing online poker instead. She has repeatedly made the news for embarrassing some of the best male players whilst playing “their” game!

Wayne Rooney – Footballer

England’s Wayne Rooney had a long and extremely successful career on the pitch but has since retired after working as the England team captain for several years. One of the richest sportsmen of all time, Rooney played for Manchester United for much of his professional career and has the kind of bank balance only a footballer could dream of. Rooney is said to enjoy blackjack and sports betting, although he has been quoted as saying he will happily bet on anything if the mood takes him. Who can blame him… he can certainly afford it.

50 Cent – Rapper

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson loves to show off about his gambling exploits on his social media pages, even laying down a $750,000 bet that “Floyd Mayweather couldn’t read a page of Harry Potter”, apparently! I’m sure this was probably a joke – the two have been spotted together multiple times over the years, although it is unclear if they have currently had a fallout between friends. 50 Cent has spoken in the past about the dangers of betting too much, advising his fans to only gamble what they can afford to lose. That’s excellent – and very responsible – advice from a celebrity who throws down so much on a prop bet of three quarters of a million dollars… what is the world coming to?

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