LISTEN: Elephant Lay Out Sterling Harmonies & Evocative Guitar Squalls on “Hometown”

When recent events shut down much of the world and turned many of our lives upside down, the members of Rotterdam’s Elephant decided to get back to their roots to write sobering yet hopeful tunes about the simple ideas that often stir the most complex emotions. “Hometown”, is one of the songs that came out of that period. Rich yet subtle layering, and close vocal harmonies set over over a chunky bassline and ghostly electric guitars, “Hometown” is reminiscent of the squawling rock of Israel Nash and perfectly captures all the nuance of the old adage that you can never truly go back home. 

Elephant’s distinctive approach and fleshed-out song started to turn heads and they soon signed to Dutch record label Excelsior Recordings in the fall of 2021. Their album Big Thing recorded with Pablo van de Poel (DeWolff) in the analogue Electrosaurus Southern Sound Studio, will be released in 2022

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