LISTEN: Fritz Michel Lays Down Orchestral Vibes On Expressive “We Are What We Are”

Fritz Michel’s debut EP, On the Rocks, is out June 17th. While it finds him taking a bold step forward in his emerging music career, On the Rocks also draws distinct references to his bilingual roots and a multi-faceted creative history that constantly mines new avenues of expression and exploration. Engaging an array of creative collaborators, including producers Jason Cummings and Tosh Sheridan, Fritz retraces the various threads of his life’s journey and combines them into a new reality.  

“We Are What We Are”, the latest single from Michel, isn’t as nihilistic as the chorus and title may fool you into thinking at first glance. With dead-pan yet expressive vocals and a steadily lazy backbeat throughout, Michel reveals himself to be an optimist through and through. “We Are What We Are”, and the Wizard of Oz, themed video that accompanies it, explore the ephemeral yet meaningful connections that sometimes get taken for granted in a world that moves a bit too fast. 

I wrote “We Are What We Are” inspired by the many connections we all make as our stories unfold. I began with an upbeat jazzy bass groove and acoustic guitar. Working with NYC producer Jason Cummings we layered in live drums, mellotron, and electric guitar as the song builds towards an ethereal final chorus Night Parade,” says Michel.

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