LISTEN: On “My Kind of Crazy”, Mama Said Celebrates the Weirdness of Relationships

Mama Said’s “My Kind of Crazy” is a catchy reflection on the wonderful weirdness of parental-child relationships – and it came about, more or less, by accident.

The Napa-based group was in Los Angeles recording with Jim McGorman (Goo Goo Dolls, Weezer, Gwen Stefani) when McGorman brought a hook idea forward and asked the band to play around with it. The lyrics were straightforward love-story fare, but the band immediately directed the emotion toward a different category of relationship: parental love. “It tells a story of the tension a mom feels when her kid’s devil-may-care approach to life takes her out of her comfort zone,” explains vocalist Jennifer Knight. From there, the song took on a life of its own.

The track is built on a bright soundscape of guitars, driven by tightly compressed, percussive acoustic chords that undergird crunchy electric rhythm and a golden-hour lead riff. Altogether, it’s a celebration of a unique relationship in the form of a feel-good, windows-down groove – and a reminder that motherhood doesn’t mean you can’t make good rock music.

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