LISTEN: EVNTYD (eventide) Allures With Rollicking Dream Pop Thriller “Beautiful”

EVNTYD (eventide) is a project that began in May of 2020. When Austin-based producer-songwriter Julián Berdegué realized that his writing style no longer fit the sound of his then band, Have To Have, he decided to make the most of his quarantine free time and began the process of exploring a new sound which would grow into EVNTYD.  Reminiscent of bands like DIIV, Beach Fossils, Turnover, and Day Wave, EVNTYD is churning out dream-pop-influenced tunes with the intention of allowing the listener to immerse themselves in the cinematic experience of their own life.

Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, EVNTYD’s new single “Beautiful”, is a masterclass in rock and roll conciseness. Fully formed ideas segue into each other without batting an eye, creating a constantly moving whole. Wanting the song to go on longer isn’t because it’s incomplete, it’s because it’s a damn good song good and is probably going to need another listen. 

“Beautiful’ embodies a lifestyle governed by one ruling principle – do what makes you happy,” says the artist.

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