LISTEN: On “Highways,” Denitia Hones Southern Charm With Evolving Musical Experiences

Born and raised outside Houston, Denitia’s southern heritage forms a canvas for her evolving musical portrait. As a child, she performed in church choirs and taught herself to play piano and guitar from her family’s trailer in the woods. She carried those experiences with her as she made her way around the country, moving to Nashville for college, and Brooklyn thereafter.

Now based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Denitia’s portfolio of work reveals melodic stories spanning states, cities, and times. In her latest release, she takes listeners on a drive through the lanes of love and longing over the course of American grandeur. Fusing elements of country, folk, and rock, Denitia establishes a newfound American utopia, ongoing and indefinite, uplifted by wistful vocals and the chimes of a tambourine.

As the tambourine accented train beat kicks in after the opening riffs of Denitia’s latest single, “Highways”, it is apparent this is an artist deeply connected to what we have come to call Americana in all its forms. Pedal steel swells lay down a rich backdrop for Denitia’s gentle yet commanding voice, borrowing bits and pieces of melody from all the past greats to create a traveling song unique to her own search for home. 

“When life as we know it came to a halt a couple of years ago, the stillness gave me the space I needed to find where I wanted to be. I was reaching for a place to call home and I found it in the music that I’ve loved my whole life,” says Denitia.

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