An Overview Of The Sports Betting Industry In Massachusetts

Sports betting is now illegal in Massachusetts, and it seems probable that it will remain so until the year’s conclusion. Despite the fact that sportsbooks cannot have a physical presence in Massachusetts, you may place your bets with confidence at reputed overseas sportsbooks.

However, the future of sports gambling in Massachusetts is uncertain. The state government is presently considering legislation that would make it legal to wager on sporting events both online and in person. The Massachusetts Legislature just passed a measure that would authorize betting on pro sports, collegiate sports. Prop bets on specific collegiate athletes would be prohibited by the proposal, though.

Even yet, Massachusetts’ future as a collegiate sports gambling state remains in question. Another sports betting measure is being considered by the State Senate, which would ban wagering on any college sports whatsoever. Legalized sports betting would have a significant impact on the state’s economy if more than 50% of all sports bets were placed on college sports.

Online sportsbooks 

No online bookies are currently in the state since Massachusetts has not yet legalized sports gambling. Locals of Massachusetts can drive to a nearby state and place sports bets there, however, this is against the law.

Fortunately, Overseas sports betting is also available to sports fans in Massachusetts. Because these sites are not registered in Massachusetts, they are permitted to operate in the state. These bookies are based in countries where sports betting is completely legal, therefore citizens from the state can use their service. It is suggested that you take some time to research more about these firms before using their service and risk betting on a sketchy site. A good place to start your research would be by checking out the guide by Basketballinsiders regarding betting on sports in Massachusetts covering everything you need to know about sports betting in Massachusetts and biased reviews of the 10 best sportsbooks for online betting in Massachusetts.

Allowing internet bookmakers to function without collaborating with a brick-and-mortar casino is now under controversy in Massachusetts. Online sports gambling is permitted in a number of states, but this is not one of them. As a result, even though only a small number of casinos are permitted to function in the state, any sports gambling site might start-up shop there.

Conditions for Legalized Sports Betting in Massachusetts

In case you missed it, New Jersey prevailed in its appeal against PASPA.

Sports betting was formerly illegal in all but Nevada, but now that the rule has been repealed, each jurisdiction has the choice to legalize it in their respective jurisdictions.

Even though sports gambling is still banned by the state’s casino sector, this new feature to provide sports gambling does seem to have come at the right time for Massachusetts.

A measure to legalize sports gambling is currently pending in the Massachusetts senate, but that might soon shift.

Several high-profile figures in the sports and betting industry have publicly backed legalization. Legalized sports betting in 2020 has the backing of significant local groups such as the New England Giants and Boston Red Sox.

The Chairman of the Massachusetts Licensing Board, Steven Crosby, has previously expressed his support for gaming in general. As a result, Sports gambling is also expected to benefit from Crosby’s pro-gambling outlook, according to analysts.

The fact that there is so much support doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of work to do in order to transform the present sports-betting scene in Massachusetts.

Finally, Massachusetts faces competition from Rhode Island, which has already authorized sports gambling. In other regions of the country, the loss of money to neighboring states has become a major element in state legislatures’ decision-making.

Online Sports Betting in Massachusetts: A Brief History

Online and land-based gambling on sports has long been prohibited in Massachusetts. A political debate began in 2015, however, about the millions of cash alleged to be fleeing the state via bets on overseas internet betting sites through political conversation.

During this chat, we discussed the 2012 Expanded Gambling Act, which has actually hugely opened legal gaming opportunities in the United States.

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