SONG PREMIERE: Kurt Deemer Brings Tenacious Songwriting Chops With “Weeds” Off ‘Reclaim the Night’

“I made friends with a fellow songwriter that I met sharing a gig in a seaside town. We kept in touch over a few years, and I saw him at his best and at his worst. I made an offer to help him when I saw him on the rocks and ‘knee deep in need’.  The way I figure it, when you’ve faced your own challenges, your own desperation in one form or another and you’ve had the good fortune of coming through it, you have the ability, or possibly even a duty to share your experience, strength, and hope in a completely non-judgmental way,” says the dutiful and soulful Kurt Deemer about his latest track “Weeds” off his soon to be released new album Reclaim the Night out May 6th.

Glide is premiering this potent track that combines an east coast veracity reminiscent of Springsteen, Craig Finn and Steve Earle where stories ring true and you can visualize the sweat of the song’s protagonists through the hardworking songs.

“When he fell off the face of the earth with my offer hanging in mid-air, I set out to writing ‘Weeds’. The title comes from the line, way out in the weeds. When I sing that line, it invokes an image from the ‘80’s film “Ironweed” with Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep about a pair of star-crossed alcoholics that sleep in a field of weeds,” sayd Deemer

“The tune has four verses and a downplayed chorus. It has no bridge, and it features accordion (played by keyboardist Ben Alexandre). I never figured that this song would be a single, much less even be recorded. It’s just a personal song but somehow, it’s my favorite one on the record.”

A longtime champion of guitar-driven rock & roll, Kurt Deemer responded to the modern moment with 2021’s World Upside Down, whose songs examined the seismic changes that shook American society during Donald Trump’s presidency. One year later, he looks toward the future with his new album Reclaim the Night out It’s an album about new beginnings and fresh starts, with Deemer — who pulls triple-duty as Reclaim the Night‘sfrontman, songwriter, and producer — embracing his solo artistry after an acclaimed run as frontman of The Kurt Deemer Band.

Reclaim the Night offers a mix of the mellow and the mighty, the introspective and the anthemic, the acoustic and the electric. Having played with the same group of Baltimore-based musicians for years, Deemer found himself in need of a change after World Upside Down‘s release, having written a handful of acoustic songs that didn’t seem to match his band’s amplified stomp. Looking for new collaborators, he assembled a small band and headed to a local warehouse, where Reclaim the Night was recorded in a rehearsal space whose cozy confines mirrored that of a bedroom. It wasn’t fancy, but the space suited the new songs perfectly.

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