LISTEN: Simen Mitlid Crafts Lush Nordic Indie-Folk On “Away”

Hailing from the small town of Os, Norway, singer-songwriter Simen Mitlid crafts lush, Nordic indie-folk. After the critically acclaimed 3rd album “Birds; Or, Stories From Charlie B’s Travels from Grønland to the Sun, and back Again” (2020), Mitlid has been spending his time producing and writing for other artists like Lokoy, Siv Jakobsen, and Benedikt to name a few. 

Throw on a set of headphones and dive into “Away”, the latest single from Os, Norway’s Simen Mitlid. “Away” perfectly assembles small bits of rhythmic and harmonic ideas that would seem sporadic on their own and ties them all together into a fully formed indie-folk fever dream. Mitlid’s lilting melody and lush harmonies add to the otherworldly atmosphere present throughout, inviting the listener to check out the rest of his EP “Social”, out now. 

“Away” is a song about dreaming about a dream – and slowly losing control over reality and fantasy. Recorded and written during a heavy fever fantasy period,” admits Mitlid.

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