LISTEN: M.E. Netzke Puts His Own Stamp on Chamber Pop With Riveting “A Beehive In My Chest”

After thirteen years of living and playing in the indie bands of Seoul, Korea, Vancouver-based, Canadian singer/songwriter M.E. Netzke’s solo music is no longer being lost in translation. He has distilled years of turmoil and resignation into two earnest EPs. For his latest effort, slated for release in the spring of 2022, ‘Curtain No.2’ delivers a tangle of baroque-folk, country, and Latin persuasions all of which fall under the umbrella of the artist’s self-described designation of ‘Doom-Croon’.

Prepare to be wrapped up in the orchestral elegance of M.E. Netzke’s latest single “A Beehive in My Chest”. While references to Rufus Wainwright can come quickly to mind, Netzke decisively puts his own stamp on the genre with a sonic palette that pulls from psychedelic rock and roll as much as it does chamber pop. Add to that a dark yet humorous wit central to his self-described “Doom Croon”, “A Beehive in My Chest” is an engaging listen from the sparse piano intro to the wandering, atmospheric vocals to cap it off.

While “A Beehive In My Chest” may try to fool you with its cheerful chords, when you get right down to it, the song is about callous rage – That, and renovating my kitchen.”

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