LISTEN: Cosmic Eyes and the Colliders Shake It Up With Propulsive Psych Rock On “Castle Moon”

Forged in the warm heart of the Cosmos and spending millennia traveling the ethereal plane for sounds and rhythms, Cosmic Eyes and the Colliders have landed on Earth in 2022 to bring their psychedelic, fuzzed-out rock sounds to their new followers. The future leaders of your new cult.

“Castle Moon” (below) is pretty much exactly what you would expect from a band called Cosmic Eyes and the Colliders. Echo chamber vocals, relentlessly driving drums, catchy riffs for days, and the sounds of what I can only assume are high-tech interstellar transporter beams sprinkled throughout make for a perfect two and half minute rock and roll cruise through the cosmos. If that’s not a long enough trip for you, be sure to keep on the lookout for Cosmic Eyes and the Colliders’ full-length album, Attack on Castle Moon, due out June 17, 2022.

“Castle Moon” is the lethal concoction of an unwritten Philip K Dick novel mixed with fuzz-filled surf music from the future, all crammed into 2 minutes and 44 seconds that leaves you drooling for another hit of shimmering psyche rock,” says the band.

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