LISTEN: Katrina Ford Mixing Retro Soul & Avant-Garde On “Gleaming The Cube”

Katrina Ford has appeared on a wide range of records over the past 30 years, including starring and supporting roles for TV on the Radio, UNKLE, Future Islands, and Foals. Not to mention the many bands she’s led, starting with the spastic wrecking crew Jaks. (Think: Latter-day Daughters, with hold-nothing-back hints of The Jesus Lizard and Drive Like Jehu.) Between then and now, there’s also been the Gothic, art-punk grandeur of Love Life, the soulful melodies of Mt. Royal, and the many elusive shades of Celebration and its short-lived predecessor Birdland. The only connective tissue between most of ’em has been Ford’s longtime creative partner Sean Antanaitis, the singer’s other half ever since they met in art class during high school.

The driving piano intro to Ford’s “Gleaming the Cube”, may sound like familiar enough territory, but the song quickly takes on a life of its own, with delicately percussive layers and ambient drones setting the scene behind Ford’s harrowing vocals. Retro soul with one eye looking towards the avant-garde, “Gleaming the Cube” possesses all the best crossover qualities to grab the attention of pop and underground fans alike. Look for her debut solo EP, due out June 24, 2022. 

“Haste makes waste makes treasure. – ‘I meant to do that.’ Fuck ‘outside box.’ We are inside the cube, pushing the light. Finding the levity in inevitable law of gravity. SO I get layered like a cake in rock piano and shuffle beat, meshed into chunks of backing vocals and swirls of synths topped with a roto-tomic filled, club whistling, marching band field recording and a dab of harp on top,” says Ford.

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