LISTEN: Self Described “Freelance Scarecrow” Wet Wilson Keeps It Weird On “3rd Wheeled”

Sometimes moody and sometimes groovy, Wet Wilson creates slacker rock infused with influence from other genres and mediums. Covid inspired a move from New Orleans, LA to Los Angeles, CA, where Wilson shifted his attention from filmmaking to music. However, his songs still carry a cinematic sensibility rich in visceral imagery. The self-described “freelance scarecrow” sets out to write songs with heart… and to keep the birds away. Wet Wilson will independently release his debut EP Everybody Wants a Trophy in the summer of 2022.

“3rd Wheeled”, (below) the new single from LA’s filmmaker turned songwriter Wet Wilson is an idiosyncratic drama in three acts that leaves the listener with a surprisingly pleasant feeling of uneasiness by the time it reaches its conclusion. Its Mutations era Beck-like melody sticks in your head immediately, allowing the rest of the song’s endearing peculiarities to slowly grow on you with each repeated listening. Wet Wilson will independently release his debut EP “Everybody Wants a Trophy” in the summer of 2022.

“3rd Wheeled” is Wilson’s meditation on the tepid state of the third wheel. The song begins with angst and explodes into – well, more angst, but with an added bassline bounce, playful guitar riffs and lush vocal harmonies. The one thing that stays consistent is Wilson’s off-kilter vocal performance

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